what are the Jobs for 17 Year Olds?

As a soon to be adult of the society, you might be eager to get a job already. You have your own reasons as to why you’re in need of one. It could be that you’re an independent person, relying on your own to financially support yourself or you could just be bored and want to earn some extra cash during summer vacation. Whatever it is, know that getting a job isn’t as easy as people might think. It takes a lot of determination, courage and skills to finally land that job that’s right for you.

But first, let’s discuss the laws regarding teenagers working. The good news is that the laws are considerably more laid back when it comes to 17 years old working. Not saying that you can get into any job, but the law allows you more working hours than before. Being 17 also makes people take you more seriously. If you’re out of school already, you are now considered as part of the young workers of the society. It’s not as good as being 18 and above where you get to be treated like an adult, but it’s enough to warrant some sort of respect from your peers.

Also, a lot of jobs would open up to you more. 17 years old have a wider scope of job to choose from than 16 years old and below. People tend to trust you more and can give you harder jobs with higher salaries.

So how does one qualify for jobs for 17 year olds?

Like all other people, you must seek the right kind of job first and then apply for it. But before you do that, know your strengths and weaknesses. Are you infernally clumsy and prone to breaking glasses 5 times a week? Then dish washing might not be good for you. Do you hate kids and can’t stand the sight of them wailing and oozing some form of goo? Babysitting might be come as a herculean task that you’d have difficult time fulfilling. Those are just some of the weaknesses some might have. Others include allergies that prevents someone from cleaning or an attitude that no restaurant would accept. It’s extremely important to know these things as well as the ones you’re good at. Why mow the lawns when you’re good at cooking burgers? You can earn more if you apply to online writing jobs than if you babysit all night. They key is to have the right kind of skills for your job.

Asides from salary, there are other benefits to having a job as early as your teen years. First is the experience you get. When you turn 18 and seek a real job, your employer would be impressed if you’ve already some sort of experience and reference they can turn to. That will show that you’ve started being responsible way before you’ve applied to their company. It also shows that you are familiar with the way things are in the workforce. Jobs for 17 year olds like you also offer skills that you might want to learn. Social skills and Communication skills are just some of the things that you’d gain when you have a job.

So now here’s a list of the jobs available to 17 year olds like you:


It’s been said that this is the best job that a 17 year old can have. It’s an easy task wherein you have to rely heavily on your social skills and endurance. If you’re a cranky person who gets easily pissed off then you should start scrolling down to the next job because only people who can smile and act polite can last a day in this job. Not only do you rush around and serve people all day, but you have to put up with tantrums and demands too. You also might have to wash the dishes later and that’s not exactly an appealing task. But if you’re nice to your customer, you can get large tips and can keep this job for a longer time.

TIP: Always keep that smile on your face in order to get a huge tip!


The models of today just keep getting younger. Do you have a pretty face and a nice body to look at? It’s not difficult to find an agency to hire you. If you love making yourself look pretty then put it to good use on this job. Modeling has a reputation of being an exhausting job but it pays pretty well, depending on who you work for. Get your parents’ consent before you apply and make sure that the agency is legally operating before you do the job.

TIP: Look as naturally beautiful as you can when you apply personally or send photos of yourself.


Whether you’re 15 or 20, this job can never be too old for you. Babysitting is easy in theory-just taking care of kids for a few hours-but exhausting in practice. It’s good if you get to babysit adorable little angels but most likely, you’re in for a long night with kids who screams “don’t wanna go to bed” when you try to make them sleep.

TIP: Make sure you get plenty of rest before you head out. You’re in for a long night.


Just like babysitting, this job never gets old. This is one of the top list in jobs for 17 year olds. No need to break a sweat because you only have to sit all day and scan the objects bought. Piece of cake right?

TIP: You’re gonna need your people skills again because you’d be dealing with people directly.