Online Jobs For Students

A steady cash flow is something all students require during their academic years. While some students turn to their parents, others opt for online jobs to help meet their daily expense. The problem arises when class timings clash with their working hours and project deadlines. Hence, most students work part time and seek out jobs that do not conflict with their study schedule. On line jobs become a crucial part of their student lives because they offer flexibility and convenience like none other.

Intuitive Online Jobs

Questions and Answers

Writers are frequently hired by search engines for providing relevant information, and answering questions posed by visitors to the site. is one such example, although Askville, Wiki Answers and Yahoo! Answers are not on the list. The sole reason behind this exercise is to provide solutions to problems. A writer is hired to assist people in their search for answers, which may encompass a wide variety of topics from health problems to secret recipes.
Jobs like these lure prospective applicants because of two major factors;

  • They provide a great opportunity to learn and discover new things.
  • They offer flexible working hours in which only a certain number of questions require answering.

Taking on a Writer’s job

Copywriters are required to fulfil a certain criteria. Their work includes not just rewriting but improving upon the given text and turning it into an effective copy. For an article of 500 words, a person might need to research and put together an informative piece or simply write from their own experience, whichever the case these jobs suit students because of the convenience they offer. Today, many companies hire freelance writers to comment on their company websites and blogs.

Data Entry

For people who want to do nothing more than fill addresses and forms, data entry is the perfect option. Data entry jobs are a mix of clerical and secretarial work and turn up frequently on search engines. However, it is imperative that you know how to tell a real job from a sham. Avoid all jobs that charge an entry fee or require you to buy their training kit.

Demanding (But Worthwhile) Work Online


This job is not only exacting and time consuming but also more challenging than other writing jobs. It requires a writer to convert an audio file into a written format, according to the requirement of the client. Although, conversion softwares like Dragon Naturally, are also available but due to limited feasibility manual transcription services are vastly preferred. If a writer is good at transcription, it fits easily into his time schedule. However, transcribing is not everybody’s cup of tea and experience plays a huge role in landing a good job. Most companies seek out experienced transcribers unless they are on a tight budget.


Online teaching is the same as regular teaching, except the interaction between the teacher and pupil takes place via Skype and other free video chat services. Nowadays, it has become a common practice for companies to train and tutor students with special needs in this manner, and help them earn a living.