Suitable jobs for 14 Year Olds

Is your son or daughter 14 years old? Are you going insane because the only thing they do all day is talk on the phone for hours, sit around or ask you for money? Would you prefer them to experience the working environment through a job suitable for their age? If the answer is yes, then this article is for you.
From very young, children enter the school environment investing through their study in their education and building the right foundations. It is commonly thought that through education kids socialize, prepare themselves for the time they will be adults by learning about discipline, rules and correct behavior.
But when kids reach the age of 14 they are not kids anymore. It is a good time to start seeking their potentials along with their studies. They can fill their free time, especially in the summer months, with something apart from playing: working.
Actually, there are many part time jobs for teens. It is a very interesting experience since they will not only spend their time creatively but also earn their pocket money. Apart from that, an appropriate job can teach things teens how real life is, something that cannot be taught entirely by teachers at school.
You have no idea which job would be best for your under-14 child? Don’t worry; we have gathered some ideas in the following list:
1. Babysitting. It is one of the most popular jobs for teenagers. Almost all of us have baby-sitted when we were kids (I did it when I was 14 years old). You don’t have to know anything special or technical to do this job. If you have any experience with younger children in your family, then you have what it takes. In order to find a child to babysit you could ask your relatives or also your friends. Just remember that you should always know who you are working with.
If you want to take babysitting to another level, you could encourage your son or daughter to receive babysitting certification for a complete learning experience and a reference for the completion of this class. You can get more information about where to find these classes at local schools.
2. Movie theater ticket collector. Why don’t you ask local movie theaters if they are in need of someone to collect the tickets for the movie? It’s a very simple job. All the teen has to do is collect tickets for each person who comes to watch the movie. Piece of cake!
3. Voice over in radio stations. Some radio stations produce radio programs such as dramas or comedies and they sometimes need young people to act the young teen character since their age makes them unsuitable for this part. You could ask for job openings.
4. Assistant cashier. If your parents own a family business, then look no further. What better job for a teen than that of the assistant cashier. The tasks are simple from helping the head cashier count the money needed for change or how much cash was earned the whole day. You just need your Maths skills. And don’t worry, most modern cash registers leave minimum chances of error when it comes to money counting.
5. The good old fashioned paper boy. If you don’t have a driver’s license yet, this job is perfect for you. You could ask your local paper for a route that is close to your neighborhood.

6. How about the local grocery shop? They may need extra hands to bag groceries. This is a very popular job, so if you want to show that you are responsible enough for it, go there yourself and take with you a resume which will include a couple of previous jobs. Every job counts, even the simplest one as long as you can show that you were punctual and responsible.
7. Who wants some lemonade? Yes, that’s right! Make your own lemonade stand and sell your lemonade. And to take it a bit further why not sell cookies or baked goods?
8. Do you love animals? Then start your own business as a dog walker. It is quite profitable and here’s an example: if you walk 3 dogs a day, 5 times a week that sums up to about $75 a week provided the only expense you have is doggie bags. Also, you could bathe dogs or pick up after dogs in back yards.
9. Offer your services. Find out what people don’t like doing and offer to do it for them.
10. Car washing. You don’t have to own your own car wash; your car porch will be just fine. If you live in a complex of houses, check with the landlord first to get permission.
11. Ice cream anyone? Another good idea is to get a rolling ice cooler and a bell and sell ice cream. Consult the city rules and regulations first! It is possible that your parents might need to get you a business license.
12. Curb painting is another good idea. Ask the city office if they can give you a curb painting kit and get started. In our city, the city office can give you a fully equipped kit for $100 and you can use it again and again. You might want some help from an adult in the beginning.
13. What is your relationship with household chores? I don’t mean ironing and mopping, but lawn mowing or raking leaves? You could make a poster with your information and distribute it to friends and neighbors to advertise yourself.
The above jobs were some of the best jobs for teenagers. Remember that you are not working to earn your living; you are just making some extra money. They are only part time jobs, which means that you are not expected to do them all your life.
Earning money is an exciting feeling for a teenager! Don’t forget though that these are summer jobs and as the word clearly states they are appropriate only for summer. As soon as school starts in fall, your focus should be only on your education. Your parents have a point when they say that you have all your life ahead of you to earn a living!
These 13 jobs aren’t the only ones fitted for teenagers. There are plenty more according to your interests and skills. But, remember that you are young and there is no need to overwork. Enjoy this new experience and have fun.
To all the parents now. Don’t throw your 14-year-olds out of the house screaming and shouting. What you can easily do to get them moving and getting up from that sofa is use the above ideas to help them get a summer part time job.