Jobs for 13 Year Olds

Because of the recent instability of the economy, the government takes precautionary measures to educate the future leaders and businessmen of the country on how to play their twists and turns in the market someday. As early as a young age, the kids of today are challenged to take a step further from their usual maturity stage to prepare themselves for the bright future awaiting them.

Even in the early teens, beginning at 13 years old, the community itself has welcomed them with jobs and opportunities to be productive even at a very young age. The jobs for 13 years olds vary from a household work, simple tasks, errand jobs or high-paying chores that most of the kids enjoy. These are some examples:


This is one of the most popular jobs for 13 year olds in which allow the kid to feel superior and independent. There is a lot of babysitting jobs, especially in the summer, that could take only a hour or two to enable parents do their errands while having someone looking after their little children at home.

Dog Walking

The jobs for 13 year olds don’t have to be just inside someone’s home. Dog walking is also one way of exercise under the summer sun when pet owners have no time at all to walk their pets in the park, beach or street.

Yard Working

Planting flowers, fencing assistant, clearing up weeds and raking leaves are one of the basic works available in a yard. This is suitable to make lazy Saturdays an adventure. Summer is the best season for the job – kids are out of school and the garden has to keep up with the summer heat – this means a lot of work for busy homeowners, yet an opportunity for bored kids who missed summer camp.

Pet Sitting

Just like babysitting this job comes second on the top jobs engaged by teenagers. This is a perfect paying past time for pet lovers and dog enthusiasts. This activity may also be for longer hour because the usual clients for pet sitting are homeowners in a long vacation or a lengthy office business meeting.

Lawn Mowing

It takes only an adequate knowledge on grass trimming and operating lawn mowers to be qualified for the work. Many young lads opt for this one also to exercise strength and creativity in lawn jobs.

Delivery Jobs

One can either be a newspaper boy or be in food delivery. This would also increase a teen’s connection and personal interaction with other people. This is where everyone starts and it serves a well-served foundation for young teenagers’ future job and endeavors. However, for some it just a past time, but it gives the chance to go around the town and be oriented about the community where everyone interacts every day.

No matter what job the kids of today choose at an early age to take that first glimpse of the fine view away from the transparent line of unemployment and develop the sense of individuality by earning while having fun, it will always be noble. Many small organizations and government sector encourage parents to let their children go out of their houses and explore more of the world and looking for a job is at the top of what they want them to do.