Summer Jobs for 15 Year Olds

Everything starts at 15 – that has become a generally accepted truth.
Summer is in and the sun is out – nothing would be more fun but to step out of the heat and enjoy the warm weather. This is the season when teenagers go out of their homes to look for summer jobs to make a little money for themselves. There are several categories off jobs and summer programs that teenagers, starting at the age of 15 years old, could be into to be productive. The following is the list of the top summer jobs for 15 year olds:

Baking / Cooking

Pastry shops, coffee shops, small snack bar or bakery will need a helping hand in meeting orders as the high demands of commodities increase for this is the season where everyone tends to stay at home and spend the long vacation with families and loved ones. This also serves as an opportunity for eager teenagers that possess talents and skills in the kitchen.


High School students that have mastered English, have taken up foreign language at school or know how to play musical instruments are qualified to be a summer instructor for short courses for language or music lessons. The summer jobs for 15 years old have to be at the same time helpful in cultivating their talents and skills.

Grocery Store Bagger / Cashier

Grocery stores will always look for teenagers to serve as baggers and cashiers. Usually, they encourage teens to work after classes during fall to sustain their means of income and at the same time maintains a long-term employee the employers can trust.


The hot summer would make people go to nearby resorts to have a quick swim along the cold pools or beaches. Thus, this requires resorts owner to hire more lifesavers to overlook their customers’ welfare. A healthy fit teenager who knows how to swim is usually the first one they call.

Restaurant Workers

Restaurants and snack bars have the most number of part-time summer jobs for 15 year olds. This includes simple tasks like waiting tables, assisting guests, organization of reservations and doing job orders. This is not only for the summer, being a restaurant worker is an effective job to earn for college.

Junior Ranger

For tough lads out there and eager young teens hoping for an adventure, assisting a respected ranger would be such an honor. This will be a chance in working in remote camp areas, assisting in forest management, discovering biodiversity and even a way to reflect of what to take up in college and plan about life.


With the technology today, freelancing tends to be a popular activity to earn not just for young professionals, experienced individuals but also for 15 year olds. Teenagers may be in of photography, writing, data entry or give any assistance for online employers – it is open for all. Just by presenting talents and resumes online and preparing a well-written applications for the jobs that fit certain qualifications, many will find this job easy and fun.
There is a lot or work laid out for the right employee swimming in the sea of classified ads. By the drag of the coping economy, many businesses strive hard to be on the top of competition Nevertheless this requires those employers to hire a batch of young minds to be in their team. These kinds of works are open to all even for 15 year-olds planning to earn some penny just for the summer.