Babysitting Jobs for 16 Year Olds

Although popular, the demand for babysitting jobs for 16 year olds may rise but the population of babysitter increase too especially during summer. As early as a teenager, this scenario provokes teenagers to come up and engage to marketing strategies in order to put customers on the line to fill their empty calendars for babysitting schedules.
Babysitting jobs for 16 year olds are fun and easy and that what makes it a well-known source of income for starters. Listed below are tips for marketing strategies to attract clients – specifically parents:


If the budget cannot cater fliers, most babysitter opts for business cards sent out to prospect clients. However, posting fliers will be the most effective way to advertise services. It is easy to see around, a quick way to send out contact details to parents and a little bit formal that could build reliance and professionalism for both parents and babysitter.

Local Newspapers

Newspapers cannot leave the breakfast counter unread so it is the perfect place to post and ad about a babysitter service provider with contact details and negotiable rate. Most working parents read newspaper along with a cup of coffee and learning something on how their children will be catered for a business trip will absolutely encourage them to dial their phone for the offered help.

Local Bulletin Boards

Every community has a public community bulletin boards where everyone, especially mothers, check from time to time for relevant openings, information or announcements that concern the whole neighborhood. A posted advertisement about a babysitting job will have its accessible place in the local community boards.

Personal Advertisements

Knocking on doors, ringing on bells and tapping on the client’s windows to start personal advertisement will induce more service transaction and job offers for this is a form of trust earning and relationship building among both babysitter and parents. This will result to detail retention and exchange of agreement in setting appointments and schedules for the said job. This calls for an instant work instead of waiting for an instant call for a work.

Online Advertisements

Everything now is online. From purchasing, selling and marketing services, the most effective way to reach clients a block or two away from the area is through an ad in the internet. A free webhosting site can be a help in making a page about babysitting jobs for 16 year olds as well as to make it stand out by including promos or additional services to invite more parents.

Team Up

A babysitter club of 16 year olds will be a total interesting team in a neighborhood. Teaming up with other babysitter will allow parents to contact babysitters easily and could promote the job as well to other neighborhoods. This will call for an expansion of the targeted area, of course.
Babysitting, according to survey, promotes self-independence and professionalism among young individuals. This is a good start in the teenage years. Broadening one’s talent will be the first step on discovering another one.