Places That Hire at 16

The market is open for all. In fact, even 16 year-olds can have permanent high-paying jobs if their performance conforms to the standard set by the company. There are places that hire at 16 which high school students eager earners set their eyes on to apply for this summer. Summer jobs are popular past times however, for the serious ones who are determined to earn for their study or for their piggy bank, they tend to never end their commitment to the company until they become regular. Here are some successful business places that hire at 16.

Online Jobs

Everything nowadays from selling, purchasing, communicating, assisting or even offering job orders are done online. Freelancing would be a better way for teenagers to find the suitable company, excellent employer and fitting work that could enhance one’s ability, talent and skill. A lot of online employers are willing to train virtual employees for a specific project and this could be added up to the work a teen’s work experience and referrals. This is the easiest job an employee can be a full-time member of an organization within a short period of time.

Busy Organizations and Businesses

Personal assistance can be a perfect job for those versatile teenagers that can run errands, pay bills and meet deadlines as ordered by the employers. It takes only a right state of mind, firm management skills and organized material to assist an employer or manager. A personal assistant needs no educational requirement – which 16 year-olds lack – to carry out the job in helping business owners or employers manage their accounts, other employees, clerical works and simple tasks efficiently.

Grocery Stores

Grocery store will always have a hiring on young baggers and cashiers. This job may be part-time or full-time depending on how teenagers want it to be – they have the freedom. Employers train their employees well so this can’t be a trouble to those who wants to make this as their first job.


The nearby neighbor can be in need for a babysitter, pet walker or a pet sitter. There is a lot of work that can be done in a home which requires no age limit as long as teens are capable of chores or tasks assigned. Homeowners, for example, have to go for a vacation leaving their pet alone in the house. Teenagers can apply as a pet sitter for several days or so depending on what has been agreed – either ways, it earns a handful of fortune.

Fast Food Restaurants

The top of the list for the successful places which hire at 16 are restaurants and snack bars. They always hire personnel year round requiring no work experience or other qualifications but pleasing personality and willingness to be trained. Many successful stories about part-time jobs or first jobs for teenagers happened when working with restaurant owners.
Every corner of the business world asks for additional heads to work with their team to deliver company goals and target. Several of them requires nothing but loyalty and dedication; an individual should start with those and the career ahead will just light up.