Super Summer Jobs

Earning some little cash especially when you are a teen may be a little trickier but you don’t have to worry as there are a lot of activities that may lead you to earn the extra cash. A number of tasks are available such as babysitting especially if you have neighbors, friends or family with small kids. For the babysitting exercise it only takes a small recruitment exercise and you are set to take care of the kids for a little while.

If watching kids isn’t quite the part time job you’d want to keep yourself busy with during the summer holidays, then here are some of the coolest jobs for teens that would keep you busy during your summer holidays.

Camp Counselor

Though it’s kind of a babysitting job, it’s much more fun be it at a day camp within your city or at a sleep away camp that is out of town. Being a camp counselor is a really fun job as it exposes you to a variety of skills such as team working and many other activities. Other advantages of this kind of job is that you are more likely to make new friends as you will be working with a number of people be it the other camp counselors or the campers too.

The best place to look for a camp counseling job is where you have previously camped especially when you were young as you have an advantage of having gone through their camp activities and therefore much familiar with the tasks and routines. If you have additional skills such as first aid skills, drama and even art and craft then make sure they are highlighted in the as there may be other opportunities in the camps apart from camp counselors that you may be considered for.

Day camps are also very fun to work in. In most cases parents take their kids to these day camps as they have to work during the kids summer holidays. For jobs in day camps you can visit the local community or recreational centers to look for any job openings that may suit you. This is surely a good way of having fun, keeping you busy and making cash in the process over this summer holiday.

Life Guard

This wouldn’t be a job for anyone as it is quite demanding when you’re really needed. Under calm conditions, the job involves sitting by the poolside as you watch over swimmers and having to help them in cases of emergencies.

For life guard tasks, special training and certifications are required. If you have the training and certifications required then it is much easier to find and fill any vacant positions within your locality. You can also use the assistance of city departments that manages recreation facilities including beaches, parks and swimming pools. These departments can be found by looking them up in the internet

Dog Walker

For animal lovers, you have not been left out. This job involves taking care of dogs (either big or small) and walking them. If you not a pet person then this is definitely not a job for you and should pass up on this as cleaning after the dogs can be demanding.

As fun filled as it is, dog walking can be a tedious exercise especially if you have more than one dog to walk. When you have a number of dogs to walk they may be calm or disturbing altogether and so you need to make sure you don’t take more dogs than you can manage. Some of the clients prefer their dogs to be walked alone instead of them being walked in a group.

As for this job, you need to advertise yourself in your neighborhood by use of flyers or approaching dog owners and asking if they need your services. This job needs a proper working schedule and record keeping as to what each client needs and other specifics that may be necessary.

Car/Dog Wash

Another income generating task that you can carry out over this summer holiday is either car washing or dog washing. In terms of equipment needed, the task doesn’t require much but the key component to take into account is the location of your services.

Since location is paramount you may offer your services at the clients resident or you may strike a deal with the local gas station owner to offer the services at their stations and in return share a percentage of your profit with them as an appreciation for using their property.

Retail & Food Service

If you are of age 14 and above then you may consider getting a ‘real’ job of a store or restaurant attendant this summer. If you think you can handle this kind of job then it isn’t too early to start marketing yourself for any opening in a local store or restaurant.

Creating a résumé for yourself with all the required information such as contact information and any skill or working experience that you’d like your employer to know about is important as it shows some kind of maturity which gives the employer reason to employ you.