Jobs for 16 year olds

For a sixteen year old kid, a job may mean a lot of different things. It could be a way to pay off your tuition fees, to save extra money for something you like or to simply to gain experience at this certain age. If you’ve thought about getting a job when you’re still this young, give yourself a medal. Whatever the reason is, you’ve decided to start educating yourself in the workforce as early as now. When you apply to your desired career later on, you would have a bit of an edge over those who are completely inexperienced. Unfortunately, getting a job this early isn’t as easy as it seems to be.

Why people won’t accept you

Do not be offended or be frustrated if the first jobs you’ve applied to turned you down. You tell yourself, why should they hire older people when they could have a much more vigorous employee?
While being young certainly does have its perks, it’s also your fatal flaw when it comes to looking for a job. Your employers stereotypically views you as someone completely inexperienced (which is quite true), who gets bored easily (the short attention span of the youth today), and would like mess up their businesses. When he compares your resume with an older person, he does not see the physical benefits you would provide. Instead, he frowns at your lack of work experience.
There’s also the issue of age restrictions. While it is technically legal for a 16 year old to work in the US, the law restricts the number of hours/days that a teenager could work. He or She must also get a work permit before he can work at any job.
If you’ve experienced this, you’re not alone! Even middle-aged people get rejected on their first tries. It’s a matter of perseverance and dedication. If someone slams their door to your face, rest assured that you would find one who would take you in.

Jobs that would likely accept you

We’ve compiled the list of jobs that would most likely accept a 16 year old employee. Review them and make a mental list of which you would like to apply and where should you apply. Also consider the skills that you can contribute and the skills you would get from these jobs.

Baby Sitter

The Queen of all teenage jobs. The job may sound easy at first, but when it’s two in the morning and the twins are still screaming at the top of their lungs while watching a SpongeBob rerun, well, it’s enough to tire even Superman down. But what’s good about this job is that you could do it in your neighborhood. It also pays well especially if the children you’re babysitting aren’t hard to manage. You can even do your homework while the kids watch TV, and if you manage to do the job right for the first few nights, you would be trustworthy enough to regularly do it.

Personal Assistant

Anyone can check emails, run errands or do simple housework. This job might be physically taxing, but this offers you a variety of work experience that you would be able to use someday. Your neighborhood business man might need someone to answer the company’s calls or your teacher might be looking for someone to help check the papers. The possibilities are endless. Just go around and look for something to do. Whether it may be mowing the lawns, sending emails or doing some laundry, this is a fast way to earn money. You can also do simple jobs like walking the dog, help clean your neighbor’s house or do groceries for elder people.

Data Entry

This job is a good way to practice your office skills. Data entry only requires simple computer or writing skills. This job is in demand everywhere since professionals have too much things to do and they can rely little things like this to teenagers like you.

Restaurant Employee

Who knows? That restaurant near your school might need someone to grill burgers or wash the dishes. Most standard restaurants would hire teenagers without any work experience. In fact, some famous people started out in the food industry! It wouldn’t hurt to ask if they have a position open. Or you could spread the word that you are looking for a job in this industry and ask if people know of any job openings.

Cashier at a Store

We see movies or read books about this dreamy guy who falls in love with the cashier of a certain store. And sometimes, we’re surprised how young the cashier is! That’s because most stores (grocery, sports equipment), accepts teenagers (yes! 16 year olds included). You can be cashiers, baggers or stockers. All you need is a pleasing personality, patience for your customers and other basic skills.

Movie Theater Assistant

This job is probably one of the easiest jobs in the world. You only need to sell tickets and make sure that no one gets in without one. If you’re promoted to patrols during movie time, that’s even better since you can watch free movie as well. The only downside to this is handling the cranky customers. Also expect to break up some too intimate customers and prepare to called names after that. But all in all, it’s one easy job indeed.

Web Content Writer

You don’t even need a high school degree for this one. The growing trend in the internet right now is all about web content writing. You get paid to write articles in the safety of your home. It’s a fast way to earn money minus the other factors of working. But watch out for internet scams. Research the website you’re working for before you send them any of your works!
Looking for a job when you’re so young is already a great step to being successful in your career someday. Just remember to choose wisely and don’t put you education at stake for a part-time career. Graduating is your number one priority after all!