Online Job Search

Online job search is perhaps the most common method of looking for a job. With Internet becoming easily accessible to all; people are finding it very convenient to look for jobs online. Additionally, more and more employers are posting their jobs online to find suitable employees. Using Internet for job search is not just convenient but it is also very effective and quick.

Searching for jobs over Internet helps people to look for jobs that they are really interested in. By narrowing down their search according to their preferences, people can easily find jobs that are specifically designed for them. A job seeker can always look for a job that requires his skills, qualification and background.

While looking for jobs over the Internet might seem very easy and convenient, there is still a need to perfectly match your skills with that required by the job. This might become a daunting task considering the competition in the industry. As a matter of fact, looking for jobs online has only increased competition among job seekers. You might think you have the required skill level, qualifications, age and experience as per the job description, but there are many others out there who also meet these criterion.

It is important to understand that Internet is the largest source for employers to get their staff. Hence, if you do not have the right profile or if you do not adopt a right approach, chances are high that your application will not even be looked into.

Here are some quick tips that can help you make your online job search effective –

A professional email address is a must

Looking for a job is a clear indication that you want to get serious in life. There is hence no way that you can use your flashy high school chat usernames for your professional account. Create an email address with your name along with a few numbers from your birthday to avoid duplication of email addresses. Once you register with an job search engine, allow hourly job notifications so that you are aware of any new jobs posted online.

Use an appropriately formatted resume

It is important to understand that your resume is the most important document that builds your chances of getting you your dream job. Be very careful with the find and formatting you use for your resume. Most fonts are not compatible with other computers and when your employer views your resume, there is a possibility that all he sees are some symbols and squares. Using standard fonts like Times New Roman, Verdana and Arial in size 10-12 is most recommended. It is even better, if you could get your resume converted into PDF format.

Check the privacy settings of your profile

While Internet offers many advantages for your job search, it also involves a major risk to your privacy and identity. When you create your profile, make sure that you have made your details visible to your potential employers but have kept them hidden from spammers and hackers. A good practice is to keep your name, age, educational qualification and experience visible to all as these are the aspects of your profile that need to be known to potential employers. You may keep your contact details, employment history and licenses hidden and make these details available only to the employers on whose jobs you have applied or those whom you allowed access to your personal details.

Edit your profile to automatically screen jobs for you

It is recommended that when you create your profile on any online job search engine, you discreetly mark your industry and area of interest. Use the various options on the job portal to select the categories and keywords pertaining to the jobs you are looking for. This will filter your search and you will receive notifications according to your narrowed down preferences.
Always respond to the potential employers

Every job search engine will have site administrators who look into the issues faced by both job seekers and employers. Just as a job seeker may report the bad experiences he had with a potential employer, employers too can report no-communication as an issue. It is important to respond to your potential employer and keep him informed on whether you would like to further discuss the job. If you are unable to attend an interview for any reason, it is important to let the employer know about it in advance.

Competition is bound to exist in the job market. No matter how talented and qualified an individual is, there is always another individual with the same level of knowledge and expertise. Only by adopting a smart job search process, the success rate of an individual will increase. When looking for jobs online, the above tips can be very helpful.