Online jobs for high school students

The teenage years (around 15 years old) are a great time to begin employment, so long as you do it right. Young teenagers are just starting to learn all of the skills and talents they will need to succeed in the world, and many of them are looking for opportunities to hone their skills.

Working in the teenage years allows a young adult to learn their skills, build a strong work ethic, and also learn about their short-comings. Finding your first few jobs can be tough but there are a number of ways a teen can land a job.

Finding the Right Job

Having a good experience in the teen years, for both the employer and employee, depends on finding the right match. Young adults should be careful not to take on responsibilities they are not ready for. An employer should be careful not to expect too much and assign tough tasks meant for an experienced adult.

So what are some good jobs for a budding worker? Local shopping malls are a great place to start and can provide many opportunities in sales jobs which will pay money and offer a chance to learn valuable skills. If you are looking for a sales job, you should go and visit your favorite stores. Chances are, these stores are your favorite because you fit in with the particular crowd they serve. Restaurants and grocery stores also offer many opportunities for young adults.

Of course, you could always go the old fashioned route and ask friends and family if they need help for any jobs around the home. Your neighbors, for example, might need someone to cut their lawn. And Grandma might need help cleaning out her garage or washing her car. These jobs aren’t as regular as working at an establishment, but often the pay is higher and you will learn valuable entrepreneurial skills.

You can also get a newspaper route and deliver newspapers to your neighborhood. Amusement parks, zoos, and other attractions are other areas of opportunity. These jobs can be fun and exciting and place you in an area you are interested in.

Why Not Give an Internship a Try?

If you are already planning ahead and want to develop some strong professional skills you could consider an internship at your local hospital or major business. There is a good chance that this internship won’t offer any pay but sometimes you can earn school credit and certainly you will learn valuable skills.

All jobs for young adults should be safe and will not involve the use of heavy equipment. Many states also have age-related regulations for handling dangerous items, such as knives. Most young adults will also be restricted to working certain number of hours, and generally not during school hours (except in the summer) or late at night.